EZIO Board

SERIAL CONNECTION: 57,600 bits-per-second, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity bit.
DIN-8 (for Mac) and DB-9 (PC/other) female connectors.
MICRO CONTROLLER: Microchip PIC 16c74a @ 18.432 MHz
# OF DIGITAL INPUTS: 10 (First 8 can be addressed as a port).
# OF DIGITAL OUTPUTS: 10 (First 8 can be addressed as a port).
# OF ANALOG INPUTS: 8 (8-Bit Resolution).
# OF PWM* OUTPUTS: 2 (10-Bit Resolution, Frequency = 18KHz).
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 8-15 Volts DC or AC, 250mA or more (can run on 9-Volt battery).
MAXIMUM CURRENT: 20mA per line source, 25mA per line sink, 400mA total.

API Programming
How To Use the EZIO Board
Motor Reversal Instructions
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